World Products Inc.

  • Since 1970, World Products Inc. (WPI) has offered real solutions to manufacturing and supply line issues with an electronic component product offering that is synergistic and focused on major markets including; Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Power Supply, Surge Suppression, and Wireless.
  • This enables us to provide more products and product lines, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers. WPI adds additional value in today‚Äôs markets with our award-winning customer service and technical support, providing our customers with environmentally sound and technologically advanced products while delivering the highest quality at competitive prices.



Sonoma, CA
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Products & Services: Thermal Protected MOV's, Antenna's Varistors, Discharge Tubes, TVS Diddes, Thyristors & Industrial Relays, Miniature Signal Relays, Pilkor Capacitors, Liteon Bridge Rectifiers, Nexen (NEC)